• Marketing Your Reputation Should Be A Priority

    A strong case can be made that your top online marketing priority should be building a 5-star reputation rating.  This makes sense since all other marketing endeavors - online or offline, new media or traditional - will eventually result in the consumer researching you online.  It’s at that point that your reputation can either capture repel them.

    Understand that what customers want today is information to make themselves feel assured they are making the best buying decision.  Online reviews reflecting other customers experiences are now one of the main elements of that process.

  • Business Reviews Build Your Reputation

    Online comments, ratings, and reviews from customers about your business is now the most significant evidence of your company’s value, trustworthiness, and ability. 

    70% of consumers trust online customer reviews, the second-most trusted form of advertising after word-of-mouth.

    71% of online shoppers read reviews, making it the most widely read consumer-generated content.

    92% of purchasers say that customer reviews are either “extremely” or “very” helpful.

  • Reputation Marketing Options We Offer

    • Phone call campaigns to your customers on your behalf to guarantee only positive and authentic customer reviews.
    • Email campaigns to your customers requesting reviews
    • Adding review feeds from social media and other sources to spotlight positive reviews on your website
    • Web-based systems that facilitate positive customer reviews while filtering negative reviews
    • "Reverse" SEO to suppress negative content in search results if needed
  • Your online reputation can go from good to bad overnight, it just takes one unhappy customer, and search engine results constantly change from current news, social media, algorithm updates and several other factors. Building and maintaining a 5 star online reputation is an ongoing endeavor that all companies should invest in.

    Shayne Hall