• Newsflash: These days, people don’t go to the yellow part of the phone book very much to find local businesses. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the “go to” sources for finding your business now. The bad news is this, you are losing business to your competition if they have better search engine visibility than you. The good news is we can fix your SEO issues. Contact us so we can talk about it.

  • How It Helps Your Business

    Here are just a few of the ways SEO helps your business:

    SEO helps customers find your website

    SEO builds credibility and trust in your brand

    SEO drives sales

    SEO results can be measured

    SEO delivers long-term results

    SEO is an investment, not a cost

  • How To Benefit From SEO

    First you need a mobile-friendly website.  One that displays well on any device or screen size.  There are just as many people viewing websites through smartphones and tablets as there are on desktops and laptops.

    Your website should be built following best practices for "on page" SEO so your website pages can be categorized and indexed in the search engines properly.

    Next, you need someone who can create and implement a digital marketing campaign which deals with all the "off page" SEO factors; everything including - but not limited to - social signals, press releases, articles, directory listings, social media strategies, videos, image sharing, and even audio files, and let's not forget proper back-link structure.

  • The Top SEO Question

    When will I see results from SEO?

    There are different variables that will impact how quickly results will come. A few of these factors are:

    • The amount content you create
    • Your content quality
    • How well it connects with your audience
    • The size of your website
    • The strength of your domain authority

    A large website could see results in a few days if a search engine crawls their site frequently. Smaller sites will typically take longer because they get crawled less often. Wait at least a month, but probably closer to two, before you consider changing your SEO strategy -- a bit longer if you're brand new to SEO.